Free Support

Free support is provided via our support forum and a dedicated issue tracking system. Both resources are constantly watched and administered, so none of your messages and requests will remain ignored.

At the same time, we can not guarantee that we will answer all the posts and resolve all the requests. We thank you for your understanding.

Commercial Support

If you need to secure our feedback or additional functionality development, you can consider our Commercial Support.

Commercial Support Offer:

  • Consulting on existing product’s features;
  • Resolving Issues. In order for us to work with an issue, it needs
    to be reproducible and should be localized to the components’
    configuration leading to the problem. If there are no obvious steps that reproduce the issue, please submit a simple test application demonstrating the problem;
  • Feature development;
  • Project-related help with your custom implementation.

How it Works

Commercial Support is provided via email, dedicated project in the issue tracking system, telephone, chats and remote access to the client’s computer. Feedback on your request is secured within 1 business day.

Cost Control

OpenFaces Commercial Support is paid on the Time and Material basis. We bill
the time actually spent by our team on the requests. All estimates are pre-
agreed with the client before any development activity, so the client has full
control over the cost.

Single-Developer Commercial Support Pack

In case if you do not expect many issues with integrating our library, the Single-Developer Commercial Support Pack including 55 hours of work by our support engineers is available for purchase. It is active for one year or until all allocated hours are used-up, depending on what comes first.

All holders of the OpenFaces Commercial Licenses get a Single-Developer Commercial Support Pack as a bonus to the license purchase.

If you are interested in our Commercial Support or a Single-Developer Support Pack, please drop us a line at

Developer’s Guide

Provides comprehensive information on the use of the OpenFaces library: installation and configuration instructions, common component features, validation framework documentation and more…

Tag Reference

Describes all the tags and their attributes provided in the OpenFaces library.

API Reference

Describes API for all the public classes provided in the OpenFaces library.

Issue Tracking

If you want to submit a bug or request a feature, please use our Issue Tracking System.


If you want to share your experiences, ideas or thoughts or just need advice or help from the community, please visit our Forum.