Contribute to Openfaces

We welcome everyone to contribute and participate in OpenFaces development in many following ways:

Giving us Feedback via the Issue Tracking System

  • Voting for existing requests— you can view the list of bugs and enhancement requests reported in the Issue Tracking System and vote for those ones that you find most important.
  • Commenting existing requests— using the instruction on providing sample applications and bug reports, you can provide us additional symptoms or sample applications for problem reproducing.
  • Filing new bugs and feature requests.

Posting a Patch

If you’ve faced a problem and you know how to fix it, or you want to contribute a new functionality, please submit a patch in the Issue Tracking System. See instructions for getting and building OpenFaces source code below. Authors of quality patches can become co-developers of the project (with rights to push changes to Git repository) and participate in development decisions.

Sharing your Expertise in Forums

We invite you to share your expertise in using OpenFaces and help other community members on our Support Forums.

Getting and Building OpenFaces Source Code

There are two ways to get OpenFaces source code:

You can download the source code for the OpenFaces library and demo applications from the Downloads page. The instructions for building the source code packages are located in the readme.txt file in the root directory of each downloadable archive.
You can pull the whole OpenFaces project from Git including the library itself, demo and test applications. Use the following URL to pull the project: git://
For the detailed information on building the source code please refer to the “Building OpenFaces.html” file in the root project’s directory.

If you have any questions about contribution or you would like to cooperate in any other way, feel free to contact us.

We Thank Atlassian and JetBrains for Supporting OpenFaces Development

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