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OpenFaces is a JSF library that provides an extended set of AJAX-powered JSF components, an Ajax framework and validation framework that shifts the traditional JSF validation to the client side.

The component suite of OpenFaces includes both visual and auxiliary non-visual components that give you more control over your Web application usability.

With OpenFaces, you do less coding as most features commonly needed to bring interactivity to your Web application are already there:

Advanced Components

OpenFaces complements the standard JSF components with advanced components to provide you with everything you might need to create any type of rich web application.

Ajax Framework

OpenFaces Ajax framework allows adding Ajax capabilities to pages where Ajax features built in components are not enough. It provides an ability to reload components, invoke server actions with Ajax and more.

Validation Framework

OpenFaces validation framework allows executing the validation logic right on the client side, adds new validators, and a new kind of error message.

Rich & Flexible Styling

A wealth of styling options is available to create a desired look-and-feel for any part of a OpenFaces component by using familiar CSS rules.

Enhanced End-user Experience

Various DHTML features implemented in OpenFaces components improve interaction with application data and overall usability of a Web UI.

Open-Source Project

OpenFaces source code is publicly available and everyone can use and contribute to the project. We believe that a joint community effort will make OpenFaces a strong basis for any JSF development for the benefit of all community members.

Comprehensive Guides

Developer’s Guide, Tag Reference and API Reference will help you to incorporate OpenFaces components and validation framework features into your application.

Supported Environments

  • JSF Implementations:
    • Mojarra 1.2, Mojarra 2.0
    • Apache MyFaces 1.2
  • JSR-168 Portlets:
    • JBoss Portal 2.4.x and 2.6.x
    • Liferay Portal 4.2.1
    • Jetspeed-2 Enterprise Portal
  • Frameworks:
    • Facelets Framework
    • JBoss RichFaces
    • JBoss Seam Framework
  • Web Browsers:*
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer (6.0 and later)
    • Mozilla Firefox (2.0 and later)
    • Opera (9.6 and later)
    • Apple Safari (3.0 and later)
    • Google Chrome
  • Application servers:
    • Apache Tomcat–6.0
    • IBM WebSphere Application Server 6.0–6.1
    • Bea WebLogic Server 9.2
    • JBoss Application
      Server 4.0–4.2
    • GlassFish
    • Jetty 6.1
  • JDK 1.5 or higher
* OpenFaces components support quirks and standards browser rendering modes. Note that JavaScript should be enabled in the client browser for OpenFaces components to work correctly.

«I have indeed been very satisfied with my evaluation of OpenFaces - so much that I have already purchased it! Kudos to the team for a great piece of software!»
David Fischer, Advestigo

«Simple technical examples that made me implement the component in less than 1 minute, unbeatable!»
Johan Persson, Nordforce Technology AB

« folks have done a fantastic job on creating Rich GUI components. Its great to explore, the demos are well done and I am using quite a bit of it in my coding.»
Ajay Thakur, Aldon, Inc

«...We just purchased your library ... and overall have been extremely happy with the performance and quality of components.»
Trip Alexander, Streamverse, Inc.

«The part I liked the most is Ajax capabilities in tree tables. The demo screen selections and keyboards are just superb, well written. Thanks a lot. OpenFaces just rocks.»
Ajay Thakur, Aldon, Inc